Family law specialists can help protect children during separations

During a separation, it is important to protect all the affected parties, and family law specialists can help to do just that – particularly where children are involved.

When you have a child, you enter into a commitment that you cannot just walk away from; you are bound not just by law, but by moral obligations and even shared DNA.

However, during an acrimonious split, even the most dedicated of parents can find their priorities become a little muddled, and family law specialists can help you to keep the interests of your offspring firmly at the top of the list.

This is about more than just custody; it is also important to make sure that, whichever parent the child ends up living with, they are financially secure.

Recent figures from the ONS highlight why this is important; in 2013, 17.1% of all households with members aged 16-64 are classed as ‘workless’.

One in seven children – 1.6 million in total across the UK – live in these households, and 65% (just over a million children) are in single-parent households.

This effectively demonstrates why, when parents separate, provisions should be made for if the child ends up in the custody of a workless parent, to avoid them falling into conditions of poverty.