Oyo room booking – business model and Best Offers

Being one of the most consolidated brands for room booking, Oyo has turned more of an aggregation business model. The firm executes its business by renting the local hotels on monthly basis. The service quality Oyo room ranges at different quality parameters.

Oyo room booking – business model and Best Offers

What business model does it adopt?

  • Bookings for Oyo rooms are made through official website and Oyo mobile application.
  • The hotel partners provide the required services to the customers who have book with OYO Rooms Coupon codes in their hotels.
  • A substantial amount of Hotel rooms are booked by Oyo from before hand.

What services does Oyo room provide?

  • Room service – Oyo room services provides 2-5 starrers hotel rooms at very reasonable cost. It avails local as well as outstation hotel rooms at enormous discount through the Oyo room booking application.
  • Long stays – In case you have a family wedding party or a casual function, you can always book Oyo rooms in the concerned hotel for over a week or so. All the services that a standard Hotel would provide are given in these hotel rooms.
  • Studio stage – A Home Away from home is what your room has recently adopted. Just like corporate stays, internship and temporary accommodation, people can rent single Occupancy and flats for monthly basis. The commission is charged by Oyo rooms as a customer comes through the advertisements done by the company.
  • Oyo Bazar – exclusive B2B digital Marketplace is particularly meant to stimulate hospitality sector. The single stop online shops provide the daily necessities in the running Oyo hotels.

The rates of the rooms are determinant upon the location, service quality and discount coupon applied. The cash has to be paid wither through the mobile application or at the desk of the Hotel Management.

Oyo flagship

Oyo application lets you compare different rooms and book the ones that you personally find beneficial. You have completely controlled the day-to-day operations of the establishment by hiring them on monthly basis.

Who are Oyo customers?

Oyo gets its customers primarily through the mobile application and hoardings add who are looking for room booking service. However, due to promotional activities, the overall profit from such customers is quite low. In other words, Oyo has been reaping losses since a considerable time span.

To make things better, OYO has been raising funds from investors for running its day-to-day operations for it till date it has acquired a total of $187.65 million from the investors of sequoia capital, Softbank and many more.

Future of Oyo rooms

Oyo is growing like a Wildfire every day. Since more and more people are travelling nowadays, requirement of booking rooms in different places has Risen manifold. Therefore, Oyo rooms have finally delivered 15 x annual growth with more than 2.3 million room bookings in the quarter of 2016.

Oyo has indeed come out as a name of quality and budget. It is expected that a near future it will maintain its cost of activity and grow much more than now.