Say Hello To The Diverse World Of Video Streaming And Entertainment Via Mobdro Application!!

In the entertainment section, mobdro has becomes the most demanding and wanted application. It has become the best video streaming application today. It streams videos and was particularly made for the android users which plays videos of all countries and languages. The application works just like netfix and plays video on all android platforms running on operating system 4.1 and above. It is compatible with all android versions and successfully runs all videos.

Premium features for mobdro app

Although the application comes free which plays almost all the videos, yet it comes it two options; premium and freemium. The premium package of the app is updated one with different features and it plays those videos which aren’t played on free mode of mobdro. Using the premium version, a user gets several features that aren’t included in the free version of the game.

More realistic features such as” chromecast support” is available in the premium version which means that the user will get to put the video on a bigger screen removing all the video ads. This feature simple means that by using the premium version of the app, frequent irritating video adds will not crop up in midst of a video. The premium version of the application mobdro for PC was built just to give to extra essential features which perhaps weren’t available on the free version. These features truly enhance the experience of watching the videos especially playing the 4k video.

For accessing the premium version and feature of the app, users need to access the application from inside and then tap on the mobdro logo in upper left corner. Then will come the option of getting the premium version as” Go Premium”. Click on it to unleash the premium and upgraded version of the app. However, the mobdro option isn`t available for the iphone users so the users will have to download the iphone or ipad version only. The premium version of the app is totally ad free and is sans of all the advertisements and pop ups.

General features of the premium version

Ad free- using the premium version, there will be no advertisements and bugs in the middle of video streaming and the users can unbreakably watch the videos
Downloading- the user can also save selected videos to the devices.
Chrome cast support- with chrome casting integration, a user can easily watch the videos on a big screen.
Sleep timer- a user can also set a sleep timer and go to sleep playing a favorite video. The player will automatically cease once the timer rings and the battery won`t be drained when you wake up.

So these are some excellent features of the premium version of the mobdro app.  It is the best player for smart phone user which plays videos of all languages and countries. The user also in this version gets recommended videos which he can also share on other platforms. In short, the premium version of mobdro is loaded with some out and out scintillating features and will secure many downloads.