Christopher Pocock QC

'Pocock's wizardry when it comes to figures is legendary, but observers were keen to point out that it is his "aura of calm" and "highly pronounced human side" that really make him the "clients' darling".'
Chambers and Partners
Call: 1984
Silk: 2009
020 7936 1500

Highly ranked for many years as a silk ‘very hardworking and someone you would definitely want in your trench when it gets tough’ (2017 Legal 500), Chris Pocock specialises in divorce and matrimonial finance in disputes between high net worth parties.

He has a wealth of experience dealing with complexities involving corporate and other businesses and/or complex remuneration packages, as well as with cases involving offshore and onshore trust and other asset-holding structures. Many, if not most, of his cases involve international and cross-border aspects, whether substantively or in relation to enforcement.

Chris has drafted many pre-nuptial agreements and been involved in cases involving disputes arising out of them, and is co-author of Consensus (by Class Publishing), a computer program which aids in the drafting of nuptial and other cohabitation agreements.

Chris conducts arbitrations as advocate, and was one of the first silks to qualify as an arbitrator himself. He also conducts private FDRs both in the UK and offshore.

What the directories say

Chambers and Partners/Legal 500
“A highly experienced financial silk who routinely handles multi-jurisdictional proceedings for high net worth individuals. He is noted for his expertise in complex tax, corporate and asset structures as they relate to family law.”

“He has a razor-sharp intellect, and offers down-to-earth, practical advice.”

“He’s very down-to-earth, personable and really good with numbers. He’s also a brilliant advocate.”

“Continues to impress observers with his ‘excellent financial brain and very easy-going manner with clients’…He is ‘popular with judges as he is very concise and punchy in his delivery’”


Recent Cases of Interest

  • Thum v Thum [2016] EWHC 2634 (Fam); [2016] 4 W.L.R. 171 (now on appeal to the Court of Appeal)
  • MAP v MFP [2015] EWHC 627 (Fam); [2016] 1 F.L.R. 70
  • B v IB (Order to set aside disposition under Insolvency Act) [2014] 2 FLR 273
  • Tchenguiz-Imerman v Imerman (Disclosure) [2014] 2 FLR 939
  • Tchenguiz-Imerman v Imerman (Application for Joinder) [2014] 1 FLR 865
  • Tchenguiz-Imerman v Imerman [2014] 1 FLR 232
  • SW v RC [2008] EWHC 73 (Fam) [2008] 1 FLR 1703
  • H v H [2007] EWHC 459 (Fam) [2007] 2 FLR 548
  • Tracey v Tracey [2007] 1 FLR 196 CA

Appointments & Memberships

  • Member of the SE Circuit
  • Member of the Family Law Bar Association


  • St Dunstan’s College
  • Pembroke College Oxford (BA Juris)