Direct Access Referral Form (Children)

Please complete this form, so far as you are able to do so. Some questions may not be relevant, in which case please mark them N/A. Once complete, please submit the form. If you have any queries, please contact the clerks on
0207 936 1500.

1. Personal Details:

Please provide brief details as to the identity of the barrister and / or solicitor, whether advice was given or representation provided, and the dates in so far as you are able.

2. What are the full names of all other parties who are / may be involved in this matter and their relationship to you? Are they represented by solicitors, and if so who?

3. Children:

4. Relationship details:

5. Current arrangements for the children:

6. Do you want advice from a barrister?

7. Do you want a barrister to represent you at a hearing?

8. Do you want assistance from a barrister to help prepare your case for a hearing?

9. Are there current / anticipated court proceedings concerning your children:

(i) what applications have been made by you or another person?

(ii) what applications are you anticipating making or being made by you or another person

(iii) what hearings have been listed by the court

10. What are the issues about which you seek advice, and /or the Court is being asked to make a decision about ?

Please answer using just a sentence or two.
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