1KBW is committed to supporting and promoting equality of opportunity and diversity in all aspects of life in Chambers.

Anyone coming into contact with Chambers should be treated fairly and should not be discriminated against on the grounds of their:

  • race (including colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins)
  • sex
  • pregnancy, maternity and paternity
  • disability
  • sexual orientation
  • marriage and civil partnership
  • religion or belief
  • age
  • gender reassignment

All members of chambers and employees should be aware of this Equality and Diversity policy.  New members of Chambers and new employees of Chambers shall be provided with a copy of this Equality and Diversity Policy upon joining Chambers.

1KBW is committed to ensuring that everyone is accorded equal dignity and respect and is judged on merit alone, free from judgments based on discrimination, prejudice or assumptions about collective characteristics.

Responsibility for the implementation and monitoring of our Equality and Diversity policy rests with the Equality and Diversity Committee.

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1 King’s Bench Walk reopened on Monday 6th July 2020


1KBW is pleased to announce that, following a stringent risk-assessment, we began the process of reopening chambers from 6th July 2020. A series of measures are now in place to ensure the safety of all staff, members and visitors. We have been successfully working remotely during the lockdown period and a number of staff and members will continue to do so to ensure social distancing measures are kept in place, as per government guidance.


We continue to request that all client meetings be conducted virtually, where possible. We are fully equipped to carry on with client conferences via telephone or video link, on any preferred platform. Should you require to come in to chambers for a meeting, please contact a member of the clerking team so that bespoke arrangements can be made.