We tailor our service to our clients’ individual needs and we build long-term relationships with our clients. 1KBW members are flexible and approachable.

Clerks are always available to discuss levels of fees. Our fees are flexible and transparent, to match client budgets. Generally, a disclosable hourly rate will be applied to any advisory work (eg written or in conference). The more information that we have about a matter, the easier it is to provide an accurate estimate; in circumstances where the instructions are available we can estimate and agree fees before any chargeable work is undertaken. We are also able to agree fixed fees, but only in circumstances where all information about a matter is available to us.

There will be occasions when circumstances change, for example where more information comes to light; instructions are amended etc but we will always endeavour to notify clients in advance in circumstances where this may lead to an increase in the fees to be charged.

We always seek to ensure that timescales for providing advice are adhered to but will notify the client if there is likely to be any delay and the reason for the same. Reasons for delay or factors influencing the timescale of a case include the availability of the barrister, the availability of the client, the complexity of the case, the volume of papers to be reviewed, the need for additional documentation, the approach the other side take, possible third party intervention or court waiting times.

Please contact our clerking team to discuss your needs in more detail and find the appropriate barrister for your case.

We are regulated by the Bar Standards Board.

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