1 King’s Bench Walk believes in the values of equality of opportunity and equality of treatment, without discrimination on any ground. Chambers condemns racism in all its forms. Chambers is committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive environment, free from racism and all discrimination for all of its members, its clients, its employees, and others who work with and visit 1 King’s Bench Walk.

1 King’s Bench Walk has undertaken, and continues to implement, the following actions to support this:

1) Chambers has reiterated to its members and employees its values, in particular those of community, approachability, inclusivity and excellence in service, which mean that Chambers offers a friendly, supportive and respectful environment to all.

2) Chambers has produced and disseminated its Equality and Diversity policies, in which it is reinforced that a range of behaviour may constitute discrimination, and that such behaviour, whether it be bullying, harassment, or victimisation, will not be tolerated.

3) Chambers has refreshed its equality, diversity and inclusion training for all members, pupils, and employees and is implementing specific Race Awareness Training (based on guidance from the Bar Council’s Race Working Group).

4) Chambers continues to audit race equality in Chambers through a number of actions including: surveying members; analysing data on recruitment of pupils, members, and staff; analysing data on the distribution of unallocated work and income; and considering the membership of internal committees.

5) Chambers takes positive action by:

a) encouraging applications from under-represented groups to apply for pupillage with Chambers;
b) by offering potential applicants the opportunity to spend time with members;
c) ensuring its Pupillage Committee and those responsible for recruitment are trained in fair recruitment processes to support appropriately equality of opportunity in our recruitment process.

6) Chambers supports positive initiatives like Bridging the Bar and 10,000 Black Interns to improve equality of access to opportunities to gain work experience and provide support for those seeking to build a career at the Bar.

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