Early Neutral Evaluation

Often cases are too complex, both factually and legally, to be sensibly resolved in mediation. Sometimes parties need firmer guidance from an experienced family lawyer in resolving a matter between them which remains in dispute. We provide experienced matrimonial finance counsel to act in the role of the  FDR judge, hearing representations and giving their view as to the possible outcome(s) should the matter be litigated. Of course they cannot determine the case, but then nor can a judge at an FDR heard by a judge in court. Moreover, Early Neutral Evaluation offers a speedier, more flexible opportunity in terms of timing than even the most efficiently run court could possibly offer.

At present we have 13 highly experienced members of chambers who offer this service, two of whom (Richard Anelay QC, and Deborah Eaton QC) sit as a Deputy High Court Judges of the Family Division, another (James Roberts) as a Recorder in the Principal Registry of the Family Division and two others (Nicola Fox and Madeleine Reardon) sit as Deputy District Judges in family & civil cases.

Early Neutral Evaluation Team

Deborah Eaton QC
Philip Marshall QC
Richard Anelay QC
James Turner QC
Charles Howard QC
Christopher Pocock QC
Richard Harrison QC
Caroline Lister
James Roberts
Nicola Fox
Nicholas Anderson
Harry Oliver
Madeleine Reardon