Adoption agencies act to place ‘harder’ children

Adoption agencies throughout the UK have launched an initiative to help families to adopt children that are typically considered to be ‘harder to place’, which is likely to keep family law specialists busy in the months to come.

Launched on October 21st, It’s All About Me is a scheme aimed at helping to find new families for children who might be considered difficult to place due to their ethnicity, age or because they are seeking a home that can take both them and their siblings.

IAAM incorporates specific assistance for adoptive parents of these children, from round-the-clock support during the first two years after adoption, to targeted training in parenting techniques that are well suited to the child in question.

Jan Fishwick, chair of the Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies, says: “There are many families who have a desire to adopt and who would provide a loving, stable home for these children.

“However, they may not have considered adopting an older child; they may doubt their own abilities or be worried about a lack of long-term support.”

For those interested in adopting a ‘harder to place’ child, family law specialists are a good first port of call, as they can help you to identify any potential legal issues with pursuing your dream of a new family member.