Brits seek family barristers for seasonal surge in divorce

Family barristers will be seeing the usual surge in demand this month from Britons who want to know more about how to divorce, potentially after ‘just getting through Christmas’.

The festive period often sees even very important decisions set aside until the celebrations are over, and the seasonal pattern seen by family barristers is apparent in Google search statistics.

According to data from Google trends, searches for ‘divorce’ in the UK have increased since 2008 by nearly a third, compared with full-year figures from 2013.

But it is the seasonal pattern that is most interesting, as interest in divorce drops each December, before spiking in the following January.

During the five years from January 2009 to December 2013, the absolute peak in search activity occurred in January 2012.

On average, January searches for each of the five years stood at 71% of this peak, whereas December averaged just 58% as many queries.

England records the greatest level of interest, followed by Scotland with 75% as many searches, and then both Wales and Northern Ireland on 73%.

And with 50% as many searches asking “how to divorce”, family law specialists could have a particularly important role to play in ensuring 2014 allows families to get their affairs in order with a good degree of understanding about the processes involved.