Divorce renews EuroMillions winners’ need for family law specialists

The news that EuroMillions winners Gillian and Adrian Bayford are to divorce is likely to renew the pair’s need for family law specialists, following a turbulent year and a half as multimillionaires.

In August 2012, the couple won nearly £150 million, but soon ran into complications – Gillian wanted to leave work, but Adrian wanted to continue running his music shop.

He found this to be impossible after suffering abuse at his workplace from local residents, and the pair also had to fend off tens of ‘begging letters’ each day.

But perhaps even more worrying were the immediate family law issues that were raised by their new circumstances, including the recommendation that they should hire bodyguards to ensure their children were not kidnapped and held to ransom.

Now they are to divorce, which is likely to keep family law specialists busy as they determine how to divide their fortune and any assets they have purchased using it.

Mr Bayford, for instance, has already reportedly moved out to a £500,000 house, while Mrs Bayford remains in their £6 million mansion.

With Mrs Bayford denying reports of an affair, and children to consider, it’s likely to prove to be a challenging case of family law made only more complex by the sums of money involved.