Govt announces new national standards for family law cases

If you are involved in a family law court case that requires expert evidence to be presented, new national standards aim to ensure that the evidence received is of the necessary quality.

 Family law cases are particularly important, as they can often include the welfare of children, who require special protection as they are unable to represent themselves in court.

 Lord McNally, family justice minister, says: “Poor-quality expert evidence can lead to unacceptable delays for children and their families.

 “By putting standards in place, we will ensure only the highest calibre of evidence is permitted in family proceedings.”

 According to the Ministry of Justice, the plans arise from concerns that some ‘experts’ are creating unnecessary delays and costs, by submitting large amounts of extra evidence.

 This can come in the form of written statements, additional court appearances, and clarification of previous evidence.

 By eliminating these unnecessary extra submissions, family law cases – particularly those involving young children – might be substantially streamlined, helping to manage the costs of court action and leading to a more rapid conclusion for the benefit of all involved.