London barristers can bring financial confidence to age-gap couples

London barristers can give you some peace of mind if you are planning to marry, and are in a couple where one partner is several years older than the other.

According to research from, almost half of people do not believe there is such a thing as an ‘ideal’ age gap.

Of those who do, the average ‘ideal’ age gap is believed to be 52 months, or just over four years, with the man being the older of the two.

However, this could be leaving many young women at risk of being financially dependent on their partner, as 55% said they would not be able to afford their mortgage or rent if they separated from their boyfriend, fiance or husband.

Matt Lloyd, head of life insurance at, says: “It might feel uncomfortable having conversations with your partner about finances and the future but, for those couples with a larger age gap, it may be even more important.”

London barristers can help you to draw up pre-nuptial agreements, or separation agreements, to provide some financial confidence at an emotionally troubling time if you later choose to divorce.

For couples with a significant age difference – or where one partner is the main income-earner – the knowledge that your financial security has already been arranged can bring much-needed peace of mind, helping your divorce to reach completion more easily.