London family law specialists can help protect vulnerable adults

It’s not only children who can be protected against vulnerability by London family law specialists; newly published figures show that a substantial number of adults are also in need of protection. 

ONS statistics reporting on the abuse of vulnerable adults in England, 2012-13, show that 173,000 ‘safeguarding alerts’ and 112,000 ‘safeguarding referrals’ were issued for individuals aged 18 and over.

 Among the vulnerable individuals affected, 61% were female, and 61% were over the age of 65.

 Perhaps most worryingly of all, nearly a quarter of safeguarding incidents – 23% of those recorded in 2012-13 – cited a partner or family member as the believed source of harm. 

The capital is among the locations with the highest prevalence of referrals, at 295 per 100,000 population – behind only the north-west (300) and West Midlands (320). 

As such, London family law specialists have an important role to play in ensuring the correct individuals are given protective powers over vulnerable adults. 

In many ways, this can be a greater concern even than child custody, as it is potentially a much longer commitment, with even larger costs involved – and the statistics show it is important to ensure from the outset that protective powers are given to the correct individuals.