With dispute resolution London couples can divide assets quickly

The cost of living – and the value of assets such as property – are generally higher in the capital, making money an especially important part of the dispute resolution London couples seek when they separate.

In any divorce, proceeding quickly and amicably can keep costs down, but when the division of assets necessitates a house sale, you may particularly benefit from independent legal advice.

The Law Society recently reported on an OFT study of the ‘quick house sales’ market, following an investigation launched in April 2013.

Providers of quick-sale services have now been offered best-practice guidance by the OFT, while consumers have been given a list of tips to follow – which may be of particular interest to divorcing couples who are keen to achieve a quick sale on their former family home.

Among the tips, the OFT advises homeowners not to feel press-ganged into dealing with a specific solicitor selected by the quick-sale provider, but instead to use their own legal advisors.

“Don’t commit to the sale until surveys and legal checks have been carried out, you have a final offer in writing, and you have independent legal advice,” the guide adds.

All of these concerns can be resolved through the ordinary avenues of dispute resolution London couples have at their disposal when they divorce – and could help to prevent unnecessary headaches when it comes to the division of marital assets.