Deepak is one of the leading matrimonial finance barristers in the country.

Deepak has appeared at all levels in matrimonial finance proceedings, including in the House of Lords and in the Supreme Court. He has acted in some of the biggest and most complicated divorce cases in London. He has appeared in numerous landmark decisions, such as McFarlane; Charman; Crossley; Granatino v Radmacher; Juffali; Gray v Work; Sharp; and Akhter.

Deepak also has a particular interest in conflicts of laws, trusts and inheritance cases.

Deepak is frequently instructed in cases not just in London, but around the world in jurisdictions ranging from the Bahamas to Hong Kong.

Deepak has been Chambers Bar UK Family Junior of the Year and he has been nominated a record 6 times at the Chambers Bar Awards and the Family Law Awards. Prior to his taking silk, Deepak was ranked as a Star Individual in the Chambers Bar UK Directory.

Deepak is renowned for his expertise in cases involving ultra high net worth and high profile individuals. The assets in Deepak’s cases regularly exceed £100 million and he has acted in several cases where they have been in excess of £1 billion. He specialises in cases involving complex offshore structures.

Deepak has an unrivalled reputation in multi-jurisdictional matrimonial cases. As a result of his expertise in international matters, Deepak has been appointed to the Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Private International Law. He is the only family law silk on that Committee.

Deepak is recommended in the Chambers UK Bar Guide, the Chambers Global Guide, and the Legal 500 Directory.

In the Law Commission’s Report on Matrimonial Property, Needs and Agreements, Deepak was specifically acknowledged for his advice and expertise

Cases of Interest include

  • Villiers v Villiers [2020] 3 WLR 171
  • Attorney General v Akhter [2020] 2 WLR 1183
  • MM v NA [2020] 2 FCR 81
  • Pierburg v Pierburg [2019] 1 WLR 4335
  • Owens v Owens [2018] 2 AC 899
  • Sharp v Sharp [2017] 2 FLR 1095
  • Mantegazza v Mantegazza [2018] 3 FCR 864
  • Gray v Work [2017] 3 WLR 535
  • Juffali v Juffali [2016] 4 WLR 119
  • Juffali v Juffali [2016] 3 WLR 243
  • Sharbatly v Shagroon [2014] 2 FLR 209
  • CR v MZ (Financial Remedies: Beneficial Ownership) [2014] 1 FLR 22
  • Shagroon v Sharbatly [2013] 2 WLR 1255
  • Gordon (formerly Stefanou) v Stefanou [2011] 1 FLR 1582
  • JKN v JCN (Divorce: Forum) [2011] 1 FLR 826
  • W v W (Divorce Proceedings) [2011] 1 FLR 372
  • Granatino v Radmacher (formerly Granatino) [2011] 1 AC 534
  • S v S (Hemain Injunction) [2010] 2 FLR 502
  • S v S (No 2) (Ancillary Relief Application to Set Aside Order) [2010] 1 FLR 993
  • Miller Smith v Miller Smith [2010] 1 FLR 1402
  • Crossley v Crossley [2008] 1 FCR 323
  • Charman v Charman [2007] 2 FCR 217
  • McFarlane v McFarlane [2006] 2 AC 618
  • Mark v Mark [2006] 1 AC 98
  • Moore v Moore [2005] 1 FLR 666

Given his vast experience in matrimonial finance cases, Deepak is able to conduct private FDRs.

Reputation & Awards

‘An articulate and fierce advocate who commands the respect of the judiciary at all levels.’

Legal 500, 2022


‘Astonishingly bright. Never under-prepared and at ease with the most complex cases. A joy to work with.’ – Legal 500, 2022


‘Phenomenally intelligent and provides concise yet detailed advice on jurisdictional matters.’ ‘He has a forensic level of knowledge, particularly in the field of pensions and trusts.’ ‘His knowledge of the law is unsurpassed even by silks, and he picks up on really intricate, clever points.’ – Chambers Bar UK 2021

‘For the big, scary case, everyone’s go-to, which is why he is probably so hard to get.’ – Legal 500, 2021


‘Has an impressive intellect, phenomenal technical knowledge and superb advocacy skills – he’s fantastic on his feet.’ – Legal 500, 2020


‘Top-drawer and a future silk. He is extremely bright and technically superb, and first choice for complex international cases. He’s an astute strategist who carefully looks at cases from every possible angle.’ – Chambers Bar UK 2019

‘A superb advocate – punchy, eloquent and very persuasive.’  – Legal 500, 2019


‘Widely venerated for his acuity and encyclopaedic legal knowledge, and admired by instructing solicitors for his strong command of matters involving international jurisdictions. He boasts a number of appearances in headline-making divorce cases and is a regular fixture in the appeal courts, including the Supreme Court.
Strengths: ‘There is nothing he does not know about family law – he’s a walking bible of statutes and cases.’ ‘He’s a real asset in complex big money cases.’
Recent work: Instructed in the highly publicised divorce proceedings between Christina Estrada and Walid Juffali. He successfully resisted Juffali’s attempts to assert diplomatic immunity in the Court of Appeal and achieved a financial award of £75 million.’ – Chambers Bar UK 2018


‘Frequently leads in substantial financial remedy proceedings, acting on behalf of public figures and other high net worth clients. He is also the sole family Treasury Counsel and so advises and represents the government on significant issues.
Strengths: ‘One of the most razor-sharp brains at the Bar. He thinks outside the box at all times.’’ – Chambers Bar UK 2017

‘An excellent choice in cases where fine details matter.’ – Legal 500 2017


‘Very experienced at dealing with jurisdictional and other technical issues of matrimonial finance. Sources are eager to point out his intellectual prowess, and say that clients benefit from his straightforward, cerebral approach.
Strengths: ‘He is exceptionally clever, very good with figures and he has an exceptional grasp of the law. He is probably going to be a very young QC.’ ‘He is a real star. If you have a knotty jurisdictional or technical issue he would be a first point of call.’’ – Chambers Bar UK 2016

‘An expert in offshore big money cases.’ – Legal 500 2016


‘Has great knowledge of matrimonial finance, and is frequently instructed by prestigious firms in relation to complex cases concerning jurisdictional disputes, substantial corporate assets and elaborate prenuptial agreements.
Strengths: ‘He has got a phenomenal brain’ and is ‘very good on obscure bits of the law.’
Recent work: Acted for a wealthy businessman in a case arguing the legal validity of an Islamic marriage ceremony in London and a talaq in Saudi Arabia.’ – Chambers Bar UK 2015

‘He is technically meticulous, and a tenacious advocate.’ – Legal 500 2015


‘A key part of the set’s superb matrimonial finance offering, Deepak Nagpal frequently handles cases involving high net worth and high-profile individuals. Many of his cases have international jurisdictional and offshore issues.
Expertise: ‘Probably one of the most intellectually able barristers of his generation.’ ‘He really thinks about cases and comes up with solutions no one thinks about.’ – Chambers Bar UK 2014

‘Deepak Nagpal is ‘particularly good on cases involving international elements’.’ – Legal 500 2014


‘Deepak Nagpal is one of the most highly regarded juniors at the Family Bar. He specialises in complex, high-value matrimonial finance disputes and is adept at matters involving offshore or international elements. His oral and written advocacy both elicit strong praise, with one respected silk commenting that ‘I rate him very, very highly indeed.’ – Chambers Bar UK 2013

Deepak Nagpal is ‘particularly good on cases involving complex points and international elements’. – Legal 500 2013


‘. . . the ‘fantastic, young and outstanding’ Deepak Nagpal is a barrister whose reputation continues to grow. One of the brightest shining juniors at the London Bar, he has an ‘excellent brain, and takes the approach that the more complicated the case is the more he enjoys it.’ His main work highlight in recent times was his involvement in Radmacher v Granatino, where he represented the husband.’ – Chambers Bar UK 2012

‘Deepak Nagpal has ’a masterly command of both domestic and international law’.’ – Legal 500 2012
‘Deepak Nagpal has ‘a formidable intellect’.’ – Legal 500 2012


‘Deepak Nagpal was recently instructed by Payne Hicks Beach to represent the husband in Radmacher v Granatino. Sources agree that ‘he has a fantastic brain such that the more complicated the case is, the more he excels’.’ – Chambers & Partners 2011

‘Deepak Nagpal is ‘hardworking, bright and excellent value’.’ – Legal 500 2011


‘…no stranger to high-profile cases, something which could also be said of Deepak Nagpal. Nagpal acted in McFarlane, a case in which he demonstrated his trademark ‘thorough preparation and extensive powers of analysis’.’ – Chambers & Partners 2010

‘Deepak Nagpal has a ‘fine intellect’ and ‘works superbly with leading silks’.’ – Legal 500 2010
‘Deepak Nagpal is an ‘outstandingly brilliant junior who is particularly suited to complex international cases’.’ – Legal 500 2010


‘Nagpal continues to cut his teeth on high-profile work and has been involved in landmark cases such as McFarlane v McFarlane.’ – Chambers & Partners 2009

‘Deepak Nagpal is regularly recommended for his ‘encyclopaedic knowledge of the law’.’ – Legal 500 2009


‘. . . remarkable up-and-comer Deepak Nagpal continues to follow up his involvement in McFarlane with other very high-value matrimonial finance cases. He particularly impresses solicitors because ‘he really cares about what he’s doing, rather than his career progression’.’ – Chambers & Partners 2008

‘…Deepak Nagpal is also recommended.’ – Legal 500 2008


‘…Deepak Nagpal impresses with his ‘forensic mind’. – Chambers & Partners 2007

‘. . . Deepak Nagpal is a rising star commended as ‘hardworking, confident and intellectual’.’ – Legal 500 2007


  • Hardwicke Scholarship (Lincoln’s Inn)
  • Lord Mansfield Scholarship (Lincoln’s Inn)
  • Megarry Scholarship (Lincoln’s Inn)
  • Chambers Bar UK Awards 2017 – Family Junior of the Year


Loughborough Grammar School
Christ Church, Oxford
MA (Oxon) Jurisprudence (1st Class)

Professional Memberships

  • Member of the Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Private International Law
  • Attorney General’s ‘B’ Panel of Civil Counsel (2013-2018)
  • Member of the Ethics Committee of the Bar Council (formerly the Professional Practice Committee)
  • Member of the South Eastern Circuit
  • Member of the LexisPSL Family Consulting Editorial Board
  • Member of the European Initiatives Working Group
  • Member of Setting Aside Working Party of the Family Procedure Rules Committee
  • Elected Committee Member of the Family Law Bar Association (2009-2017)


English and Hindi


  • Co-editor of Jackson’s Matrimonial Finance
  • Advisory Editor of the Family Court Reports

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