Frank has expertise in all areas of family law and is unusual in having successfully represented parties in both financial and children matters, domestic and international, in all levels of court including the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court in the last 5 years.

In the last year he has appeared in Sharp v Sharp, the landmark case concerning the approach to short and ‘dual career’ marriages; Mills v Mills, concerning the proper approach to a lifetime maintenance order (to be heard in the Supreme Court in June 2018); S v A (forthcoming) concerning a novel approach to the construction of awards in Sch 1 Children Act cases; Re M (Children) concerning the enforcement of foreign private law orders in the UK; and Re W (A Child) concerning the approach to be taken to domestic adoption cases.

Frank is a Recorder and sits in children and finance cases; he is qualified to sit in the Financial Remedies Unit at the Central Family Court.

Frank is happy to undertake private FDRs and early neutral evaluations.

Re B (A Child) (Care Proceedings:Appeal) [2013] 1 WLR 1911 – landmark Supreme Court appeal concerning the approach to care proceedings, adoption, human rights and appeals

Re N (Children) [2017] AC 167 – Supreme Court appeal concerning adoption of foreign nationals

Re A (A Child) (Disclosure of Third Party Information [2013] 2 AC 66 – Supreme Court Appeal concerning application of Human Rights Act to the fair trial procedure.

Re W (A Child) (Adoption: Grandparents’ Competing Claim [2017] 1 WLR 889 – successful appeal clarifying the approach to ‘nothing else will do’ in contested adoptions

Re M (Children) [2017] 3 FCR 369 – concerning the enforceability of foreign orders

Re N [2016] EWCA Civ 656 – successful appeal concerning the right to fair hearing of a contact application

Re LC (Children) (International Abduction: Child’s Objections to Return) 2014 AC 1038 – successful Supreme Court Appeal concerning children’s rights in abduction cases.

Frank sits as a Recorder in finance cases and is happy to conduct private FDRs

Frank is approved for direct access

Reputation & Awards

“He blows you away with the way he approaches the case and his superb advocacy.”

Chambers & Partners, 2024

“He’s the personification of calmness and strategic awareness.”…“He is the cat’s whiskers when it comes to written and oral submissions and cross-examination.” – Chambers & Partners, 2024

“Frank is a gifted advocate with the ability to identify the key issues in a case and present even highly complicated arguments in an accessible and ultimately persuasive way.”  – Legal 500, 2024

“The cases Frank Feehan handles are extremely complex and his legal knowledge and problem-solving skills are second to none. His interpersonal skills are extremely impressive too.” – Chambers & Partners, 2023

“Frank Feehan is an absolutely lovely advocate. He has a real gravitas about him which clients find incredibly reassuring. He has a steely grip over an audience. He’s a commanding figure in court and he has a real presence about him.” – Chambers & Partners, 2023

‘Frank is highly strategic in his work and exactly knows how to adapt his style and advocacy in a case to achieve the best result. He is a classy, clever operator and a formidable opponent. He delivers a masterclass in approach and cross-examination in challenging children cases.’ – Legal 500, 2023

‘Frank is an extremely impressive advocate with a unique ability to think on his feet. He has such a deep seated and in depth knowledge of the law that even complex and highly contentious issues are made to seem straightforward.’ – Legal 500, 2023

‘ Frank is a very experienced barrister with great client and tribunal handling skills. He achieves great results, consistently. ’ – Legal 500, 2022

“An exceptional advocate with an aura of gravitas.” “An approachable barrister who makes himself available.” “Brilliant on finances and mesmerising on his feet.” – Chambers & Partners, 2021

‘Incredibly astute with excellent in-depthknowledge of both case law and legislation. A safe pair of hands, with the abilityto turn around work efficiently taking a meticulous approach in the same.’ – Legal 500 2021

‘Highly experienced family silk with demonstrable expertise… .He has recently taken significant matters to the Supreme Court and has also engaged in some high net worth divorce work’ – Chambers & Partners, 2018.

‘He’s a very good advocate, a very good cross–examiner and very approachable’ – Chambers & Partners,  2018.

‘Just wonderful in every way; he’s creative, a master strategist and highly approachable’ – Chambers & Partners, 2016

‘He is calm and reassuring and provides brilliant analysis’ – Legal 500 2018


  • All Saints’ Comprehensive, Sheffield
  • Emmanuel College Cambridge

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