1kbw Dispute Resolution Unit launches holiday arbitration scheme

The arbitration scheme in private law children cases was introduced on 18 July 2016.  To mark this new opportunity 1kbw has arranged a scheme specifically to deal with situations where arrangements for the forthcoming school Christmas holidays and family festivities have yet to be resolved.

The arbitration process is quick and efficient and can be arranged at short notice.  Once the process has been agreed it provides a definitive decision that the participants can work with to implement.  We believe that it is ideally suited to resolving these types of issues.

We have set aside specific days over the coming weeks when our arbitrators will be available to consider and determine applications.  Arbitrations can be tailor-made to suit the circumstances of each case, although it is generally envisaged that the issues should be capable of determination by either a “paper only” procedure, or a short oral hearing.  Special cost-effective fixed fees will be available.

They will be conducted by our specialist team of arbitrators, His Honour John Altman and Nicola Fox.  To access their profiles please click on their names.

For further information and an outline of the process, please click here.

Our clerks will be happy to provide additional information and to discuss individual requirements.  Please call them on 020 7936 1500 and ask to speak to Tim Madden or one of his colleagues in the first instance.