His Honour John Altman on “ENE” in children cases

His Honour John Altman, Associate member of 1kbw and former Designated Family Judge for London, has written an article on Early Neutral Evaluation in disputes concerning arrangements for children, a service offered by the 1kbw DRS Unit.
The Child Arrangements Programme practice direction positively requires the judge and the parties actively to consider at every stage of the process whether non-court dispute resolution is appropriate and, if so, to adjourn the proceedings to enable it to take place. The most common form of non-court dispute resolution is family mediation where the participants are encouraged in a non-directive manner to find their own solution to the problems that have arisen.
This article explores the advantages of a conference forum in which the participants set out their proposals to an independent and experienced evaluator who will be able to explain likely options and outcomes to assist the negotiations. As with mediation it can take place at any stage of the process and need not be confined to those situations where an application has already been issued.
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