Mini Pupillage Application

Please see our Mini Pupillage Application page for details of closing dates. Please complete this application form. Keep your responses brief, avoid using a narrative and make bullet points where possible.

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(e.g. 2nd year undergraduate, CPE, graduate) Please note that Chambers is unable to offer mini-pupillages to candidates unless they have begun a university degree course (not necessarily in law) or are studying for another qualification that can lead to a career at the Bar. Please give details of any course you are about to embark on. (Maximum 250 characters)
(Maximum 300 characters)
Please include in chronological order your ‘A’ Levels (or equivalent) and any subsequent exam results. If you have not completed your degree please state your first and/or second year results. (Maximum 600 characters)
Please give details of other mini-pupillages that you have completed or arranged. (Maximum 600 characters)
Please list chronologically any relevant employment that you have had. Where appropriate summarise the experience you gained from a particular job. Include details of any work experience placements you have had and any voluntary work you have done. (Maximum 600 characters)
Please state why you are interested in undertaking a mini-pupillage at 1 King’s Bench Walk. (Maximum 1000 characters)
Please give details of any mooting or debating you have done. Please also give details of your interests and any other information that is relevant to your application. (Maximum 600 characters)

Diversity Monitoring Questionnaire

1kbw Chambers wishes to ensure that we are able to recruit, develop and retain the most talented barristers, pupils and staff to our chambers. We value the diversity of backgrounds, skills and experiences found in our chambers, and actively promote an inclusive culture where all our members and staff are able to flourish. As part of meeting our commitments to equality and diversity, our chambers collects and analyses statistical information on all our applicants. This enables us to ensure that we continue to attract and select solely on the basis of talent and potential to succeed.

The information that you are asked to provide in the section below will be treated in the strictest confidence. The information requested covers those areas covered in the BSB’s Equality Rules and Guidance. It will be held confidentially by the Chambers Chief Executive and will be used solely for statistical monitoring purposes. The data will be retained for no longer than 3 years. You are not obliged to answer all or any of the questions but in providing this information you will help to ensure that our recruitment is fair and objective for all.

Q1 What is your gender?

Q2 What is your age?

Q3 What is your ethnic group?

Q4 Do you consider yourself to have a disability?

(The Equality Act 2010 defines a person as having a disability if he or she has a physical or mental impairment, which has substantial long term, adverse effect on his or her ability to carry out normal day to day activities. ‘Long term’ means that the impairment is likely or has lasted for 12 months or more).

Q5 What is your sexual orientation?

Q6 What is your religion or belief?

Q7 What is your socio-economic background?

Q8 Do you have caring responsibilities?

Thank you for completing our diversity monitoring questionnaire.

Any information that you have provided will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be used solely for monitoring purposes. Under no circumstances will it be passed on to selectors.

Equal Opportunities Policy

1 King's Bench Walk operates an Equal Opportunities policy. For more information please contact Jo Pickersgill, Chambers Acting Chief Executive. | | 020 7936 1500 | Copyright 1 King's Bench Walk 2021

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1 King’s Bench Walk has closed its offices to the public.


All meetings due to take place in chambers will now be conducted remotely.


As part of 1KBW’s continuing commitment to overcome the challenges presented by the current situation 1KBW has implemented changes in line with government guidance. Staff and members will now work remotely, where possible, during this period.


1KBW has a modern video-conferencing and remote hearing facility. It is fully operational both for court and private hearings.