Barristers at leading specialist sets of chambers like 1KBW often edit and contribute to the highest profile academic and practitioner textbooks in that area of expertise. We are no exception. Our barristers edit and contribute to several leading publications across different areas of law.

Finance and Divorce

  • Jackson’s Matrimonial Finance 
  • Wildblood and Eaton, Encyclopaedia of Financial Provision in Family Matters
  • Blackstones’ Guide to the Civil Partnerships Act 2004
  • Halsbury’s Law of England, Vol. 5(4)
  • Butterworths’ Civil Court Precedents
  • Jowitt’s Dictionary of English Law

Children law

  • Hershman and McFarlane: Children Law and Practice
  • McFarlane and Reardon, Child Care and Adoption Law: A Practical Guide
  • Applications under the Schedule 1 (Jordans)

Criminal Law

  • Archbold: Criminal Pleading Evidence and Practice
  • Archbold: Magistrates’ Court Criminal Practice
  • Administrative Court: Practice and Procedure