Child Abduction

“The members are leaders in their fields.”
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Our reputation

1KBW is widely acknowledged as a leading set in International Child Abduction cases. We have a highly experienced team of silks and juniors who practice in this highly specialised field. Members of our team have been involved in numerous leading cases (often against each other).

For example, barristers from 1KBW have appeared as leading and junior counsel in each of the last five English abduction cases before the Supreme Court:

  • Re E (Children) [2011] UKSC 27
  • Re S (A child) [2012] UKSC 10
  • Re A (A Child) [2013] UKSC 60
  • Re L (Texas) [2013] UKSC 75
  • Re LC (Children) [2014] UKSC 1

We also have experience of acting in European cases.  A member of our team was involved in the landmark decision of: Proceedings brought by A (Case C-523/07).

Members of Chambers are regularly instructed on behalf of “reunite”, in support of its interventions in the leading cases.

Our expertise

As populations become more diverse and migration increases, proceedings issued under the 1980 Hague Convention (or the Inherent Jurisdiction of the High Court) are increasingly common.  Japan has recently become a full signed-up member of the Convention and this is likely to lead to a further increase in incoming cases.

1KBW has one of the largest and most experienced child abduction teams in London, comprising specialist counsel at every level, including Queen’s Counsel. We recognise that this is a demanding area of practice, in which cases develop quickly and almost invariably require urgent attention from our barristers and our clerking team.

1KBW now operates a Duty Counsel Scheme to ensure that a member of chambers is available to cover any urgent applications that arise at short notice (including out of hours).

We hold regular internal updates and seminars to ensure that all members of our team are up-to-speed with the latest developments in the law. In addition to our annual child abduction conference (which enjoys a national reputation), members of chambers regularly give external seminars in this field.

Our areas of expertise include the following:

  • Incoming and outgoing cases under the 1980 Hague Convention
  • Securing emergency injunctions and port alerts
  • Returns under the inherent jurisdiction
  • Enforcement of foreign orders under Brussels II Revised
  • Enforcement under the 1996 Hague Convention
  • Enforcement under the 1980 European Convention
  • Wardship cases
  • Applications based upon the Parens Patriae jurisdiction
  • Abductions involving Scotland, Northern Ireland and British Overseas Territories
  • Internal abductions
  • Securing rights of access
  • Forum disputes, including stays under the Family Law Act 1986
  • Representing children in proceedings

The Child Abduction team

Deborah Eaton QC (1985)

Pamela Scriven QC (1970)

Richard Anelay QC (1970)

James Turner QC (1976)
Charles Howard QC (1975)
Anthony Kirk QC (1981)
Clive Newton QC (1968)
Richard Harrison QC (1993)

Anna McKenna QC (1994)
Caroline Budden (1977)
Cherry Harding (1978)
Caroline Lister (1980)
Markanza Cudby (1983)
Elizabeth Selman (1989)
Marcus Fletcher (1990)
James Roberts (1993)
Christopher McCourt (1993)
Victoria Green (1994)
Graham Crosthwaite (1995)
Ashley Thain (1996)
Nicholas Anderson (1995)
Richard Castle (1998)
Harry Oliver (1999)
Madeleine Reardon (2001)
Deepak Nagpal (2002)
Katherine Kelsey (2003)
Martha Holmes (2003)
Caroline Harris (2004)
Jennifer Perrins (2004)
Peter Newman (2005)
Andrea Watts (2006)
Alex Tatton-Bennett (2007)
Kate Ozwell (2007)
Kelan McHugh (2007)

Katy Chokowry (2003)

Laura Moys (2008)
Samantha Ridley (2009)
Charlotte Hartley (2009)
George Gordon (2010)
Jennifer Palmer (2011)

Tom Dance (2012)

Helen Pomeroy (2012)

Frances Harris (2013)

Millicent Benson (2014)
Lucia Crimp (2015)