Finance and Divorce

“One of the best sets in the country for matrimonial finance work”
Chambers & Partners 2014

“The set has a number of the London Bar’s leading money silks and juniors”
Chambers & Partners

“The set’s much-lauded juniors are particularly strong when it comes to financial work and matters with international dimensions”
Chambers & Partners

“This set has the best in finance silks and juniors.”
Legal 500

Our reputation

For the last two decades 1KBW has been at the cutting edge of matrimonial finance. For many years we have been ranked consistently in ‘Band 1’ (Chambers & Partners) and the ‘Top Tier’ (The Legal 500).

Our members have acted in many of the leading divorce and matrimonial finance cases over the last two decades, including landmark decisions such as:

House of Lords/Supreme Court:

De Dampierre v De Dampierre

White v White
Mark v Mark

Miller v Miller
MacFarlane v MacFarlane
Radmacher v Granatino


Court of Appeal:

Charman v Charman 

Imerman v Tchenguiz 

Mubarak v Mubarak

Moore v Moore

Pearce v Pearce


Our expertise

  • High profile or ‘big money’ financial relief
  • Complex business or company structures
  • Offshore companies and trusts
  • Private companies and partnerships
  • Inherited or pre-acquired wealth
  • Concealment or dissipation of assets
  • Enforcement, bankruptcy and liquidation
  • Worldwide freezing orders
  • Pre-nuptial and separation agreements
  • Civil Partnerships
  • Foreign divorces brought pursuant to the MFPA 1984
  • ‘Forum shopping’ and contested international jurisdiction
  • Contested divorces
  • Forced marriage and stranded spouse cases

We are also leaders in related financial applications such as

  • Schedule I of the Children Act 1989
  • The Child Support Act 1991
  • Disputes between cohabitants pursuant to TOLATA 1996
  • The Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975

Members of 1KBW edit and contribute to practitioner texts and materials such as

  • Jacksons Matrimonial Finance and Taxation
  • Wildblood and Eaton, Encyclopaedia of Financial Provision in Family Matters
  • Blackstones’ Guide to the Civil Partnerships Act 2004
  • Halsbury’s Law of England, Vol. 5(4)
  • Butterworths’ Civil Court Precedents
  • Jowitt’s Dictionary of English Law

A particular strength of the finance and divorce team at 1KBW is the ‘breadth of talent’ (Chambers & Partners).

The Finance and Divorce team

Deborah Eaton QC (1985)

Philip Marshall QC (1989)
Pamela Scriven QC (1970)
Richard Anelay QC (1970)

James Turner QC (1976)
Charles Howard QC (1975)
Clive Newton QC (1968)
Christopher Pocock QC (1984)

Frank Feehan QC (1988)
Richard Harrison QC (1993)

Anna McKenna QC (1994)
Caroline Lister (1980)

Markanza Cudby (1983)
Elizabeth Selman (1989)
James Roberts (1993)
Christopher McCourt (1993)
Victoria Green (1994)
Alexander Chandler (1995)
Graham Crosthwaite (1995)

Nicola Fox (1996)
Nicholas Anderson (1995)
Richard Castle (1998)
Harry Oliver (1999)
Madeleine Reardon (2001)
Deepak Nagpal (2002)
Katherine Kelsey (2003)
Martha Holmes (2003)
Caroline Harris (2004)
Jennifer Perrins (2004)
Perican Tahir (2004)
Peter Newman (2005)
Stephen Jarmain (2005)
Andrea Watts (2006)
Alex Tatton-Bennett (2007)
Kate Ozwell (2007)
Kelan McHugh (2007)

Katy Chokowry (2003)
Laura Moys (2008)
Samantha Ridley (2009)
Charlotte Hartley (2009)

Juliet Chapman (2009)
George Gordon (2010)
Jennifer Palmer (2011)

Thomas Dance (2012)
Helen Pomeroy (2012)
Frances Harris (2013)
Millicent Benson (2014)
Lucia Crimp (2015)